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Dry Cleaning and Laundry FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions for Darien, Stamford, New Canaan, Westport & Fairfield:

How does the dry cleaning process work?
Our dry cleaning service utilizes state-of-the-art equipment operated by only the most experienced professionals. The utmost care is used when cleaning and processing your garments. The biggest difference you'll see when using Blue Ribbon Cleaners is our attention to detail. Examples include:
• Checking and covering of delicate buttons to help prevent chipping or cracking
• Sequins and beads tested before cleaning
• Tassels, trims and other fancy accessories removed or treated prior to cleaning
• Steamed, soft pressing for certain material to prevent "shininess" of fabric
• Hems and seams checked prior to cleaning
• Garments carefully inspected for stains prior to bagging

What is a dry cleaning machine?
A dry cleaning machine looks like a large washing machine, but instead of water entering the machine, dry cleaning fluid is used. Clothes are immersed in the cleaning fluid just as they would be in a regular water wash. Because cleaning fluid contains no water, it’s safer on colors and eliminates the problem of shrinkage. A typical cycle for dry cleaning is 45 to 55 minutes.

Clothes are checked for stains (spots are removed if necessary) and then moved to the finishing station. The garments are checked again by the finishers as they steam-press or hand iron each garment to perfection. Garments then proceed down a conveyor to the assembly line where they are readied for final inspection and bagging. It is there they are inspected for a fourth time, de-linted and covered with plastic bagging to protect the finished order. "The biggest difference you'll notice when using Blue Ribbon Cleaners is our unparalleled attention to detail."

What about shirts and blouses?
We have outfitted our establishment with the most technologically advanced shirt pressing units. You will notice a difference with our shirt service. Buttons are checked before processing to help prevent breakage and loss, and all collars and cuffs are scrubbed before washing as necessary. The shirt department presses each shirt or blouse "wet," using hot-head presses to ensure the smoothest finish. They are then either put on hangers or folded and assembled with your order. Finally they are bagged or boxed, depending on your preference.

What about linens, "wash & fold" or laundry by the pound?
As part of our efforts to meet all of your cleaning needs, we offer linen services as well as "wash and fold" laundry by the pound.